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We see residential spaces differently.



This focus on the big picture—the greater purpose—is at the core of our design philosophy For each of our select communities, we start by taking a bird’s-eye view of unique neighbourhoods with high growth and untapped potential. This allows us to understand the needs of our buyers and envision what a community can be. We then infuse this overarching vision into all of the moves we make, including the functional layouts and beautiful finishes we select. It’s how we fulfill the promise of an urban opportunity and create innovative spaces that are tailored to the pulse of their communities.

Our Mission


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At the end of the day, we are a company that puts purpose over profit. We want to drive our organization forward not because of the paycheque at the end of a project, but because of the quality establishments and sustainable communities that we help to build. Our team tackles any problems and challenges that come with the job because we are passionate about repurposing properties to their fullest potential while doing so in an honourable and compassionate manner. We are making a positive impact in the community throughout the entire development chain – from influencing decisions made in our pre-construction development teams, all the way towards building properties for the public to enjoy.


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Communication is key, which is why our team goes above and beyond to communicate with all stakeholders in a timely and effective manner. Customers, investors and lenders will have full transparency in our business practices, meaning LCH Developments will communicate both positive and negative information that arises. Our investors and lenders will be provided with industry leading reporting standards across all of our projects. This level of transparency builds trust, and trust is the foundation of any thriving organization. Our pledge to you is that we treat your money the way we would treat our own, which is possible by working effectively with a great deal of caution and care.


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We are always looking for innovative solutions in order to remain as competitive as possible in the ever-changing real-estate industry. Then developing our project action plans, our goal is to move pre-construction and construction ready projects forward as fast as possible and in the most cost-effective way. Our team is equipped with the right people, tools, experience, and training in order to achieve this objective. We strive to under-promise and over-deliver by meeting timelines and exceeding expectations across all projects.


Lukasz Wywrot // P.ENG, PMP

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Lukasz is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and also received his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the U.S.-based Project Management Institute (PMI). Starting his first job in construction at the age of 14, Lukas left the industry to pursue a career in the Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering field. After working as a Project Lead at OPG and overseeing projects in excess of $20 million, he quickly realized that his passion for construction drove his deepest ambitions and started life as an entrepreneur in the Custom Home Building space. Armed with the technical skills and business know-how from his previous work experience, Lukas established a large, scalable real estate investment business that grew to become LCH Developments. As the company’s CEO and COO, he is responsible for new real estate development and project acquisitions, municipal approvals, construction management and operations. A registered builder with Tarion, Lukas is driven by innovative engineering and construction techniques, modern design principles and building world-class products that deliver unmatchable user experiences.

Our Team

Michal Wywrot // B.COMM

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President - CFO

Michal is a serial entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for real estate and real estate investing co-founding Lifestyle Real Estate Investments, Lifestyle Custom Homes and LCH Developments. Michal holds an Undergraduate Degree in Commerce from the University of Toronto majoring in Finance and started investing in real estate at the age of 18. Now with over 14 years of real estate investing and development experience, he continues to lead ongoing projects and developments for the company. As Founder, President and CFO of LCH Developments Michal has a multidisciplinary skillset taking the lead on corporate finance, accounting, marketing, legal, acquisitions, and sales for the company. Michal places high importance and value on his LCH team, working closely with each employee to equip them with the skills they need to grow and excel in their careers. A forward thinker, Michal believes in staying ahead of the curve. By marrying technological innovation with his passions for architecture, design and finance, he sets out to create exceptional systems and processes that set LCH Developments apart from its competitors.

Jure Selak

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Construction Manager

Jure Selak, B.A.Sc., PMP, graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto. He was immediately drawn towards the world of construction, and he enjoys turning project visions into reality. Jure is passionate about finding new innovative methods and approaches to make construction execution more efficient.

Jure has 14+ years of construction experience including full-cycle high-rise condominium projects in the GTA. Jure has experience on both the general contractor side and the owner side which gives him a wide perspective into projects. Jure believes in a diligent and proactive planning approach, with much more effort in the pre-construction phase. As such, he is very involved in the early pre-construction phase where projects are set up for success and the cost of change is low.

As President of Elevate Construction, Jure provides leadership for all day-to-day operations, ensures processes are being executed efficiently, and company objectives are being met. Jure also provides overall leadership with long term strategic planning, talent acquisition, growth planning, client partnerships and setting the overall company culture.

Mitch Chevrier

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Mitch Chevrier has over 7 years of accounting and finance experience working with companies that range from start-ups to large publicly traded enterprises. Mitch began his career working in accounting and advisory for tech businesses and acquired his CPA in 2017. He decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry after following the development landscape as a hobby for years. Mitch joined our team as Controller in July 2022, coming from DREAM Asset Management where he was Development Accounting Manager. Mitch has worked on a wide variety of commercial, residential and multi-family projects across Canada and most recently led the close of a 400-unit condo in 2022.

Michal Konstanty

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Project Manager - CPO

Michal has worked with LCH since 2013, first as a Property Manager for their residential holdings in Hamilton and later transitioning into the role of Project Manager. He routinely leverages his own personal 10+ years of experience in construction and renovation to build out realistic schedules and is known for doing what is necessary to meet critical milestones for project completion. A past career in Information Technology gives Michal a unique perspective into how technology can be leveraged to modernize and improve the end-product for LCH Developments’ clients.

Ryan Debergh

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Development Manager

Ryan is a design-focused development manager with a passion for building great buildings. Ryan currently manages LCH's pipeline of nearly 1,200 residential and retail units as they progress through the municipal approvals and sales process. Ryan works with an extensive team of architects, engineers, marketing agencies and other technical specialists to design true live-work-play communities that can be constructed efficiently, without sacrificing quality for the end users. With a background in the film industry and a Bachelor's in Real Estate from Ryerson University, Ryan approaches each project from a unique angle that is both practical and creative.

Sisi Yan

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Senior Project Accountant

Sisi Yan has extensive accounting and finance experience working in both start-ups and big 4 accounting firms. She started her career as an External Assurance Associate at PwC, then decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry after seeing the housing market boom over the last decade. Sisi joined our team as Project Accountant in January 2020. As Senior Project Accountant, she is best known for tackling complex problems, adapting to new challenges and roles, and managing time effectively. Sisi values her family and friendships which shows in her work ethic. When not working, she especially enjoys spending time with family and friends taking road trips and camping trips.

Lifestyle Logo

A true start-up development company.

LCH Developments, established by two driven, first-generation Polish immigrant brothers, Michal and Lukasz Wywrot, is a forward-thinking real estate development company revolutionizing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This grassroots business emerged from humble beginnings in 2007 with limited resources and capital at its disposal. Through the implementation of innovative investment strategies, the brothers successfully procured an array of properties using diverse approaches such as student rentals, rent-to-own, multifamily, conversion, and buy-rent-refinance. In 2013, the brothers ventured into the domain of real estate development by constructing custom homes and townhouses. By 2017, LCH had shifted its focus to the development of high-density mid-rise buildings, prompting the pursuit of community-building initiatives and other exciting growth prospects for the company.

LCH Developments is currently completing its first major mid-rise project, “Merge Condos”, which is set to become a new iconic landmark in the growing Scarborough Bluffs skyline. With the success of this project, LCH has five other mid-rise projects with over 1,200 units in the pipeline.

What sets LCH Developments apart is the management team’s unwavering will to become a leader in the GTA development community by creating true live-work-play communities. The company’s first ‘Lifestyle Business’, Merge Spaces, a vibrant coworking hub located right next to Merge Condos in Toronto’s Cliffside Village, is a testament to this philosophy.

LCH’s next project, Cliffside Condos, is the logical next step in the company’s ‘organic master plan’ for Cliffside Village. The development has several features aimed specifically at enhancing the built environment of the community, including two anchor retail spaces, 4 live-work entrepreneur’s suites and a 2500 square foot mural on its east façade.

With their innovative spirit, expertise, and commitment to community-building, LCH Developments is well on its way to becoming a leading force in Toronto's Real Estate Market for years to come.

Our Story